[erlang-questions] Change in Semantics in dbg:c ?

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed Sep 10 17:05:45 CEST 2008

Hi Raimo,

Thanks for the reply.
> Well, which behaviour do you actually prefer? It changed from R8B to R9B-1
> on request from guess who...You!
There were quite a few features, bugs and documentation issues I came 
across back then when going through it with a magnifying glass. This was 
one of them. My memory was GCed some time back, but from what I recall, 
using c/4 was interfering with other activities and not cleaning up the 
trace flags after itself (or clearing ones which were already set, or 
something which made me spend a day debugging dbg). What confused me 
this time was the comparison with the apply BIF.

Not tracing side effects makes sense. In that case, I would probably not 
allow the sos and sol flags, as well as the p flags, but I am not too 
bothered about it. I guess it is as you say, stating it in the 

Take care,

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