[erlang-questions] Bit String Comprehension Question

Grasl Christoph <>
Tue Sep 9 16:55:18 CEST 2008

Dear, David

[Bin || Bin <- [<<3:5>>] ].

works fine..

the syntactical notation for a list comprehension needs to be in '[' & ]'
whereas you have used the binary/bitstring syntax to 'bracket' your comprehension 
together with the '||', which is typically a list-comp. 
could be mistaken, but it looks like u'r mixing up to notations..


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Why does the bit-string comprehension #133 below work whereas #134 is a
syntax error?


133> << <<X:N>> || {X,N} <- [{3,5}] >>.


134> << Bin || Bin <- [<<3:5>>] >>.         

* 1: syntax error before: '||'


Please advise.  Thank-you.


David Mercer



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