[erlang-questions] Time to update programming rules?

Robert Raschke <>
Mon Sep 8 14:56:50 CEST 2008


2008/9/8 Edwin Fine <>:
> But if you work for a company that forces you to suffer such curel and
> unusual punishment, you should let them know it is false economy to force
> developers to use such underpowered tools. They would get far more
> productivity from spending even US$1,000 on a decent dual-core or quad-core
> x86_64 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, 500GB of disk and running some flavor of Linux

This is one of the big contributers to bloated software, you know. In
order to get performant software out of your development department,
give them slow machines with limited memory. And give your testing
department fast machines, so they can feedback information quickly.

I always marvel at IT departments that feel compelled to give
developers mega machines, while the sales force are fobbed off with
laptops that barely cope with demoing the stuff written for a
multi-core 4GHz 8GB machine.


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