[erlang-questions] String Pattern Matching

Luke Galea <>
Mon Sep 8 13:20:27 CEST 2008

Thanks everyone!

I'll probably release a "quick and dirty" regular expression based  
inflection library and then go back and rewrite it afterwards.

The new RE lib is working great, but there are a lot of regular  
expressions involved and to make the compiled REs cached I'm thinking  
I should spawn a process that holds the compiled REs (or use the  
process dictionary which I'd rather avoid).

Being able to generate erlang based on the rules would simplify that  
nicely (albeit, moving the complexity into the code generator).

I'll send a link to the release around as soon as I've finished  
implementing all the remaining "easy" inflector stuff like camel_case/ 
1 and underscore/1.

-- Luke

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