[erlang-questions] noob HIPE question

Mikael Pettersson <>
Mon Sep 8 13:29:14 CEST 2008

Joel Reymont writes:
 > On Sep 8, 2008, at 6:33 AM, Kevin Scaldeferri wrote:
 > > I spend most of my time on Mac, so HIPE is pretty new to me.  Can
 > > anyone explain this behavior?
 > I thought there was no HiPE on the Mac, not as part of the standard  
 > distribution anyway. Did this change with Leopard?

HiPE supports MacOS on PowerPC but not on x86.
This situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

(The MacOS issues on x86 have been mentioned on this
mailing list several times before. Search the archives
if you have to know what they are.)

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