[erlang-questions] Executing an Erlang function from Perl

Sebastian Bello <>
Fri Sep 5 18:47:57 CEST 2008

Thanks Bengt and Chandru.
An additional question: if I know the full path to a .beam file, and 
that path has no been added with a -pa for example, what would be the 
way to execute a function of that module?

Chandru escribió:
> 2008/9/3 Sebastian Bello < 
> <mailto:>>
>     Hi list,
>     I need to execute an Erlang function from within Perl code, what
>     do you
>     suggest?
>     Thanks,
>        Sebastian-
> Try 'erl -man erl_call'
> Extract from the man page:
>        erl_call - Call/Start a Distributed Erlang Node
>        erl_call  makes  it  possible  to  start and/or communicate 
> with a dis-
>        tributed Erlang node. It is built upon the erl_interface 
> library as  an
>        example  application.  Its  purpose  is  to use an Unix shell 
> script to
>        interact with a distributed Erlang node. It performs all  
> communication
>        with  the Erlang rex server, using the standard Erlang RPC 
> facility. It
>        does not require any special software to be run at  the  
> Erlang  target
>        node.
>        The main use is to either start a distributed Erlang node or to 
> make an
>        ordinary function call. However, it is also possible to pipe 
> an  Erlang
>        module  to  erl_call  and  have  it  compiled, or to pipe a 
> sequence of
>        Erlang expressions to be evaluated (similar to the Erlang shell).
>        Options, which cause stdin to be read, can be used  with  
> advantage  as
>        scripts  from within (Unix) shell scripts. Another nice use of 
> erl_call
>        could be from (http) CGI-bin scripts.

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