[erlang-questions] pgsql:prepare() doesn't work with PostgreSQL 8.3.3

Sergey S. <>
Fri Sep 5 14:30:44 CEST 2008


As addition to the previous message on pgsql. Such code:

pgsql:pquery(Db, "INSERT INTO foo VALUES ($1)", [555])

also doesn't work, producing the error:

** exception exit: {timeout,
                            {equery,{"INSERT INTO foo VALUES ($1)",[2]}}]}}
     in function  gen_server:call/2
     in call from gin_test:storage/0

The only way I see to do insert is:

Query = lists:flatten(io_lib:format("INSERT INTO foo VALUES (~p)", [555]))
pgsql:squery(Db, Query)

But it's not so fast...

Jungerl have the same problems, since pgsql from ejabberd-modules is a fork
of pgsql from jungerl.

psql from http://code.google.com/p/erlang-psql-driver/ seems to be
unmaitaine**d (Project status: this project was just a proof of concept and
is currently unmaintained)

Driver from Erlang Consulting is too old.


Which driver do you you with PostgreSQL?


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