[erlang-questions] Linked-in Driver Debugging

Alceste Scalas <>
Thu Sep 4 11:01:37 CEST 2008

Il giorno gio, 04/09/2008 alle 08.48 +0100, Peter McCarthy ha scritto:
> Does anyone know if it's possible to set breakpoints in the driver and
> attach to ERTS, so that when port command messages are sent to the
> driver, these breakpoint are hit?

You can surely do it with GDB (on Unix-like systems, at least):

     1. start the Erlang virtual machine, and look for its system PID;
     2. start GDB, and attach it to the running VM (using the 'attach'
     3. put all the breakpoints you need (if the function you want to
        monitor does not exist, GDB will prompt for making "the
        breakpoint pending on future shared library load");
     4. use the GDB 'continue' command to let the VM run.  GDB will
        notify when new libraries (or Erlang linked-in drivers) are
        loaded, and pending breakpoints become active.

Have fun,
Alceste Scalas <>
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