[erlang-questions] Parallel Shootout & a style question

atomly <>
Thu Sep 4 06:55:18 CEST 2008

[Benjamin Tolputt <>]
> The issue is that taking the direction you suggest *right now* will have
> the effect of making Erlang slower for most tasks on most platforms it
> is currently deployed on. I agree that, in the future (near or far is
> debatable), Erlang is best situated to take advantage of the surplus of
> CPU power available from many-core systems. At that time, it would be
> advantageous to make have the OTP make parralel a substantial number of
> it's list comprehensions. As of *right now* however, we're looking at
> deployment on single, dual, & quad cores mostly. At this point, we DO
> need to consider the total CPU dedicated to the task.

Even those of us doing a lot of our work on CPUs with 24 or more cores
(SunFire) don't necessarily always want list operations to be in
parallel.  I think allowing the developer to do what they want
explicitly is generally the best idea until you get to a point where
perhaps you have a JIT that can analyze the optimal way to run instead
of trying to make a compile-time or run-time guess based solely off of
whether or not the CPU is single-core.

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