[erlang-questions] New version of Leex - a lexical analyser generator

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Fri Oct 31 22:51:38 CET 2008

I have just released version 0.2 of Leex. New features and changes from the
previous version are:

- The structure of the release is such that you can now drop straight into
your ERL_LIBS directory.

- Added includefile option. Search for include file in current directory or
leex/include lib dir.

- Restored text file version of documentation until edoc and I are in

- Upgraded erlang_scan.xrl to full erlang tokeniser.

- Now use line number of token start.

- Fixed a bug where if the file ended in an incomplete token this was
ignored and no error returned.

You can get from either trapexit.org or github. The links are:


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