[erlang-questions] Recreating a PID from a log file.

Richard O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Wed Oct 29 01:30:08 CET 2008

The Erlang documentation for the 'erlang' module has
a big scary red box warning:

     This BIF is intended for debugging
     and for use in the Erlang operating system.
     It should not be used in application programs.

The big problem is that just because you have
in a log and
	Pid = list_to_pid("<0.24454.8>")
succeeds and gives you a "process id",
  - it need not be the id of ANY process (now)
  - if it is the id of some process, it need not be
    the one you think it is.

If you are using this for debugging, fine,
but trust it about as much as you would trust a
cardboard ladder.

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