[erlang-questions] Documentation creation in Russian

Dave Smith dave.smith.to@REDACTED
Tue Oct 28 18:24:11 CET 2008

Hi Richard,

When you say people are working on it, are you referring to EEP 10?  This
deals with a lot of good stuff, including Lists, Binaries, IO and conversion

It doesn't, however, deal with source file encodings.  It also doesn't
mention atoms and shell support.   Has any thought been given to these?  If
so, would they be include in EEP 10? or other EEP?


2008/10/28 Richard Carlsson <richardc@REDACTED>

> Hi!
> There is no real support for UTF-8 in Erlang right now (people
> are working on it), so most things assume Latin-1 encoding in
> input and output. If you can send me a minimal test case (a small
> .erl file in UTF-8 that causes the crash) I can try and find a
> workaround for edoc.
>    /Richard
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