[erlang-questions] Target system installation difficulties.

Brian Troutwine goofyheadedpunk@REDACTED
Tue Oct 28 10:18:09 CET 2008

Hello all,

I've grown enough as an Erlang developer that having proper release
handling is now appealing to me. For this I need a properly installed
target system, which I gave up on previously out of frustration.
Starting with the OTP Design Principles I am able to get all the way
through section 10.4, up until the point where the documentation
states "Refer to System Principles for how to install the first target

After heading on over to the System Principles I was quite perturbed
to see that it's using a custom script to handle installation. I
dutifully started over from the top of the System Principles document,
getting to section 3.3 before being greeted with this:

3> target_system:install("aule", "/usr/local/erl-target").
Extracting aule.tar.gz ...
Substituting in erl.src, start.src and start_erl.src to
form erl, start and start_erl ...
** exception error: no match of right hand side value {error,enoent}
     in function  target_system:read_txt_file/1
     in call from target_system:subst_file/4
     in call from lists:foreach/2
     in call from target_system:install/2

The file it's choking on is
/usr/local/erl-target/erts-5.6.3/bin/erl.src, which does not exist.

Yikes. Have I done something wrong? Can someone explain, in a manner
more clear than the documentation provided, how to complete my task?


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