[erlang-questions] global:registered_names() returns []

adrian.balij@REDACTED adrian.balij@REDACTED
Tue Oct 21 22:24:39 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Erlang and I have been trying to setup a gen_server so
that other nodes can communicate with it. However, on the client nodes,
every time I call global:registered_names(), it returns []. The odd thing
is on the server node, calling global:registered_names() returns

I am running two consoles on the same computer using the following commands:

erl -sname a@REDACTED -setcookie Test

erl -sname b@REDACTED -setcookie Test

Both consoles can ping each other.

My start function is:

% Initialize routine
start_link() -> gen_server:start_link({global, ?MODULE}, ?MODULE, [], []).

where ?MODULE = account_monitor.

I tried calling net_adm:world() and global:sync() and no luck at all!

The gen_server works fine (and by fine, I mean calling
gen_server:call(...)) when I start it locally (start_link({local, ?MODULE}

Any help or suggestions would be extremely helpful at this point!

Additional info:
- OS: Leopard 10.5
- Erang bin: Sep 3, 2008

Thank you for your time,

Adrian Balij

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