[erlang-questions] Core Erlang questions

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Fri Oct 17 00:36:27 CEST 2008

2008/10/16 Robert Virding <rvirding@REDACTED>:
> There is a specific reason for the Erlang compiler to return code like that.
> In Erlang the order of evaluation is defined to be left-to-right

Where is this defined?

I believe (too tired to check) that the Barklund spec left the
evaluation order undefined, with the proviso that no possible
evaluation order should leave variables unbound when used.

In the Erlang Reference Manual, the only reference I found
(during a very sloppy search) said that sub-expressions
are evaluated in any order.

Not that I rely on this property - just curious.

Ulf W

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