[erlang-questions] Feedback Request: Nitrogen - A New Web Framework for Erlang

Claes Wikström klacke@REDACTED
Thu Oct 16 22:33:03 CEST 2008

Rick R wrote:
> I'm currently impressed with MochiWeb, 

I am too,

> it is small, unobtrusive and 
> event driven, it might fit into your model very nicely. It has quite a 
> few apps built on it, though I'm sure there are others that claim that 
> they are better/faster.

Mochiweb and yaws are different beast, I'd love to see this sort of framework
work on (at least both) The heart of the code would be the ajax code which
is where the action is.
Integration code to the webserver would typically be on the fringe ?? right.
In the case of yaws, a single appmod at / (I suppose) - thus not using
yaws for anything else than pure http(s). Many apps typically use a combo
of stuff though - not all is ajaxy. Typically there is other cruft on the

My 2c


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