[erlang-questions] Feedback Request: Nitrogen - A New Web Framework for Erlang

Joel Reymont joelr1@REDACTED
Thu Oct 16 16:12:58 CEST 2008

> I'm using Yaws as the HTTP server, though as you can see from the  
> demo, it doesn't actually hit any .yaws files, instead it goes  
> straight to a module.

Well, yaws is not bad once you configure it, I suppose.

> You might be interested to know that we ended up talking about you  
> and your blog for about 30 minutes at our first meeting, your open  
> poker server,

I'm flattered! I didn't know there's 30 minutes worth of discussion in  
the subject :D.

> and your passion for different languages. :)

Speaking of which, I was nursing my Erlang wounds and sulking just  
when your message came along. My spirits are much lifted after  
watching the screencast!

The reason for the sulking is that I just rewrote OpenPoker for the  
third time and have no idea whether it will truly scale now. I'll very  
soon find out.

The lifting of spirits is because I plan to offer a hosted poker  
solution and that needs a web front-end. I want that to be Nitrogen!


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