[erlang-questions] Feedback Request: Nitrogen - A New Web Framework for Erlang

Rusty Klophaus rklophaus@REDACTED
Thu Oct 16 15:06:34 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I am working on a new event-driven, Ajax enabled web framework for  
Erlang (hope to release the code under an open source license in the  
next three weeks), and would love some early feedback.

You can see a Nitrogen remake of the famous 5 minute "Flickr on  
Rails" screencast here.
- Nitrogen Blog - http://nitrogen-erlang.tumblr.com
(Sadly, it took me 6 minutes with Nitrogen.)

Or, check out these two sites that run Nitrogen:
- Stitcho.com - http://www.stitcho.com - Real desktop notifications  
for your website.
- EM5K.com - http://www.em5k.com - Get a real-time desktop alert (via  
Stitcho) when someone visits your website or blog.

Here are some things that make it exciting:

- Event-driven model (similar to ASP.NET, not like the Ruby on Rails'  
MVC model)
- Simple and elegant: ~2.5k lines of code
- Comprehensive Ajax support
- Prototype/Scriptaculous Integration
- Form validation on both client-side (through LiveValidation) and  
server-side validation
- Continuations and Long Polling
- Common Ajax controls are included: Lightbox, Inplace editing, etc.


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