[erlang-questions] Failed to fetch .app file when using "-loader inet" and erl_boot_server

devdoer bird devdoer2@REDACTED
Tue Oct 14 15:56:13 CEST 2008

I decide to run a diskless node and let it fetch code from a remote machine.
I accomplish this by using erl_boot_server and starting the remote node with
"-loader inet -hosts<code_server>"  parameters.

It is ok to fetch code from the code server node  on which erl_boot_server
is started, but the .app file is failed to fetch. It report the error
"{error,{"no such file or directory","some_application.app"}}"  .

So how can I configure the boot server to let it  run a application on the
remote diskless node If the application's app file  can't be passed to the
remote node?
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