[erlang-questions] core erlang, scope, primop

denis dloutrein.lists@REDACTED
Mon Oct 13 23:47:40 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I've two questions on core erlang:

Concerning the scope of variables: when using let, the scope of the
variables is the body of the let. But when a variable is defined by a
pattern matching or by an alias, what is the scope ? I suppose that
it's the function, but I've not been able to find references of that
in the core erlang 1.0.3 specifications.

Concerning primop: is there a way to call these functions in erlang ?
If not, is it possible to know all primops that are used by erlang
compiler when generating core erlang ?

As you may understand, I'm toying with writing a core erlang evaluator.


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