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Edwin Fine erlang-questions_efine@REDACTED
Fri Oct 3 09:30:39 CEST 2008

Apropos of all this macro and inline stuff, I tried Richard's suggestion for
inlining but immediately hit an annoyance.

-compile({inline, [{flog,3}]}).

flog(L, F, A) ->
    case iutil_log:ok_to_log(info) of
        true  ->
            iutil_log:log_info(?MODULE, L, F, A);
        false ->


go() ->
    flog(?LINE, "Just logged using ~p's scheme~n", ["Richard O'Keefe"]).

$ efine@REDACTED:/tmp$ erlc logtest.erl
./logtest.erl:3: attribute 'export' after function definitions
./in.hrl:3: Warning: function flog/3 is unused
./logtest.erl:5: Warning: function go/0 is unused

Now to use this scheme, I have to ensure I put the -include AFTER all export
statements. Seems annoying. Is there another way?

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