[erlang-questions] Additions to lists module

Richard O'Keefe <>
Fri Nov 28 00:02:39 CET 2008

On 28 Nov 2008, at 12:00 am, Robert Virding wrote:
> Re names of functions, lists is probably not an example of good  
> naming conventions. Why there are no separated_names I can't  
> remember, most likely it just happened and the local convention was  
> just continued. The names for many of the higher order functions  
> came from Haskell or similar and there they did not use  
> separated_names. It is not a convention that need be followed.

Haskell usage is baStudlyCaps.  So it is true that the Haskell models
for some of these functions did not use separated_names, but it is
not true that Haskell uses or ever used runonwords.  For example,
it's "takeWhile" in Haskell, not "takewhile".

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