[erlang-questions] Inlining Restrictions

David Mercer <>
Fri Nov 21 20:58:47 CET 2008

Having stripped the whole thing down to a minimal example, the problem
appears to be with using functions in guards.  Here's my minimal example:


exported_fun() -> fun_with_guard(fun used_in_guard/0).

fun_with_guard(GuardedFun) when is_function(GuardedFun) -> x.

used_in_guard() -> x.

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> David Mercer wrote:
> > Are there any restrictions on when it is legal to do function inlining
> > (with either the -compile(inline) directive or the compiler option)?
> > Reason I ask is that I have code that compiles fine without inlining but
> > crashes with an "internal error in kernel_module" error when I enable
> > inlining.  Am wondering if I could refactor my code and take out the
> > offending statement and so allow function inlining.  Please advise.
> > Thank-you.
> If possible, please send me your code (or even better, a minimal
> example that displays this bug) so I can have a look. Inlining is
> supposed to work without any need for tweaking.
>      /Richard

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