[erlang-questions] Bug in trapexit article "How to use ei ..."

Serge Aleynikov saleyn@REDACTED
Tue Nov 18 04:01:38 CET 2008

Thanks.  Not bad for the Sun 10pm code review.  ;-)

Note that while this code is quite primitive, where it's purpose is to 
show a simple concept, if you need a more convenient C++ wrapper around 
ei, you can look at ei++ in this project:

Currently ei::Serializer only has support for marshaling basic types 
(int, double, string, atom), but it's more convenient for a C++ user 
then plain ei.


Mikl Kurkov wrote:
> Serge Aleynikov-2 wrote:
>> Thanks for pointing it out.  This code was more-or-less a quick&dirty 
>> copy/paste from 
>> http://www.erlang.org/doc/tutorial/erl_interface.html#5.2 that suffers 
>> from a buffer overrun issue.  I posted the corrections that you found.
> It seems that you don't update buf_ptr in the new version of read_cmd
> function.
> Anyway, thanks for  this article. It is very helpful and clear.
> Mikl

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