[erlang-questions] Erlang 3000?

Christian <>
Mon Nov 17 15:00:40 CET 2008

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 12:29 PM, Kenneth Lundin
<> wrote:
> More important is to get more high quality reusable Open Source
> components and an easy way to find these.
> Also more important is to have more books and more "killer"
> applications built with Erlang. Applications that draw
> the attention to Erlang.

"Me too" regarding all your points.

I find that when advocating Erlang the most common question I get is
doubt about the library availability to do "things".   Where "things"
are various problem domains. If it is to use established network
protocols, encryption, databases, gui...

There is a lot of "grassroots" development of libraries and
applications now, but they do not converge to one-true-place where you
can get an overview of them all.  I lack a good overview of what areas
Erlang would be suitable, but where there are no libraries.

What is it that is missing to get the community to converge better?
I really liked the content on the wiki Luke Gorrie used to run, but,
after some serious downtime, it just died.    I think jungerl had a
goal to be the ultimate collection of erlang libraries, but it sort of
died away when not getting any real face-to-face hackaton to learn to
know each other and together improve quality and make a great software
collection. And as usual nobody really has the time anyway. :-/

What does it take to get some community-driven subdomain sites under
the erlang.org domain (so they will get a more official appearance) ?
Will it absolutely not happen? Does it require an "ansvarig utgivare",
signing contracts and all, responsible for the content etc?

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