[erlang-questions] Communicating Erlang and mozart

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A sample is not particularly easy to give, however what you are talking
about is a data serialization (marshaling) issue. See http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/D/data_marshalling.html

It is my opinion that
using sockets for communication between different languages has a
number of benefits and I wouldn't want to dissuade you from using them.
In fact I have a significant chunk of code that passes data back and
forth over TCP between Erlang and C++. It marshals the private data members of C++ classes which then get unmarshaled into the appropriate data structure on the Erlang side. We use cdr marshaling for this, however there is an infinite number of possibile marshaling formats. One of the simplest is Joe Armstrongs UBF(A) http://www.sics.se/~joe/ubf/site/home.html. You could also of course transform all the data into xml or json and then convert the structures based on the json/xml back into the native data structures of Erlang and XML. 

Good luck.


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Hello, I am developing a proyect  involving Mozart and Erlang and I need to communicate each other, I was thinking to use socket, but then I do not know how to structure the messages so that they understand each other, What if there is any standard, which serves to this case, and if you can give me a simple example, It would be very helpful, thank you very much.


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