[erlang-questions] Learning Erlang from the Armstrong book

David Mitchell <>
Wed Nov 5 06:33:33 CET 2008

I don't have the book handy at the moment so I can't check the panel
you're referring to, but I can't recall having problems learning
Erlang from Joe's book.  I knew of Erlang's existence, and I'd been
reading *about* it for a while, but I'd never encountered Erlang code
before I opened the book for the first time.

I struggled with OTP because it wasn't covered (much) in the book, but
I thought the coverage of the Erlang language itself was very good.
In particular, I don't recall any problem running the examples,
although I probably didn't try every single one.

Dave M.

2008/11/5 Tony Cappellini <>:
> Learning a new language is always a pain.
> Having a "popular book" being recommended as "the place to start
> from", then struggling trying to figure out why the code in the
> "recommended book" doesn't work is even more frustrating.
> Almost 50 pages into the book the author has a panel which reads" Some
> readers have mistakenly typed into the shell fragements ocf code
> contained in the source code listings. These are not valid shell
> commands and you will get some strange error message if you try to do
> this".
> Why is this not in the front of the book? ;-)
> So how is a newbie supposed to know which code in the "recommended"
> book is valid?
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