[erlang-questions] CrashDumpViewer broken in firefox

Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Mon Nov 3 03:29:50 CET 2008

Sorry I also forgot to mention a dirty workaround is just to start
the application as normal and from the shell


then view the application in the browser

2008/11/3 Dale Harvey <harveyd@REDACTED>

> The crashdumpviewer from webtools doesnt work in firefox
> (and probably a few other browsers)
> I had a quick check what the problem is and its in
> the way the filename is submitted, <input> elements
> wont give the fill path to the file for obvious security reasons
> http://pastebin.me/490e5d4e9b4bc
> shows the full path in konqueror but only the filename in firefox,
> since the file is read from the disk and not uploaded there isnt anyway
> to access its full path, the only real way to fix it would to have it
> upload
> the file (although im not sure if inets supports that)
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