[erlang-questions] Serl 0.1 Release Announcement

Howard Yeh <>
Thu May 29 22:47:43 CEST 2008

Hey, thanks for trying it out.

I completely forgot about the window line feed thing. I'll fix it.

Serl's syntax won't get any more complex. I would welcome suggestions
to make it simpler, however. At the moment, I find it at a nice
balance point between syntatic exuberance and metaprogrammability.

For the next few releases, I'd like to rewrite most of the supporting
modules in Serl, and in that process finding out more about Serl and
making the necessary improvements and hopefully weed out bad ideas.

In the future, I'd really want to try building an object system in
Erlang's spirit. With asychronous message passing and non-mutability
(!). It's kinda like Michaelangelo said about sculpturing, the object
system is already there in Erlang, I just need to chisel it out.

Erlang is super cool.

On 5/29/08, zambal <> wrote:
> On May 29, 10:57 am, "Howard Yeh" <> wrote:
>  > Hi,
>  >
>  > I've been hacking on a Lisp front end for Erlang during the past few
>  > months. It might be worth a look if you like common-lisp.
>  >
>  > Serl is a S-exp based frontend designed for Erlang. If you like
>  > Scheme, you might want to try LFE, but if you like Common-Lisp and its
>  > comparative hairyness, Serl might be for you.
> Congratulations with this first release. I guess my taste's more like
>  LFE's 'minimal' syntax, but more languages running on the Erlang run-
>  time is a good thing IMHO and I'm very curious in which direction your
>  project will develop.
>  BTW, Serl's parser doesn't seem to like text files with window line
>  endings ( \r\n ). When saved with Unix line endings, compilation of my
>  test file seemed to work.
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