[erlang-questions] Flymake & include_lib

andrey-google <>
Thu May 29 15:44:45 CEST 2008

Perhaps, you have script for flymake wih something like that:

compile:file(File_Name,[warn_obsolete_guard, ...])

where [warn_obsolete_guard, ...] is a list of compile options.

Then you may add the option {i,"/myproj/include/"}, where "/my/include/" is
your custom include directory:
compile:file(File_Name,[warn_obsolete_guard, {i,"/myproj/include/"}, ...])

> I've been using flymake for a while now, really loving it BTW, but  
> I've got a problem which is starting to drive me to distraction.

> When I'm working on code with the typical OTP app directory structure
> (ebin, priv, include, src, etc) flymake errors trying to locate .hrl
> files when I include them thusly:

> -include_lib("foo.hrl").

> Flymake claims to not be able to find the file "foo.hrl" and so any
> code which uses the records defined in that file are also flagged as
> errors.

> I'm certain there's a problem with the eflymake script I've been using
> to compile Erlang source but I can't seem to figure it out. It's  
> probably just come path tweaking but I'm at a loss as to what I'm  
> missing.

> I've attached the compile script I'm using. I'd appreciate any  
> pointers as to what the problem might be.

> Thanks,
> Kevin

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