[erlang-questions] extensions to syntax highlighting in erlang.

Vat Raghavan <>
Wed May 28 09:36:43 CEST 2008

So i recently started running linux in a vm, and got into playing with gedit. and the syntax highlighting modules are simple clean and REALLY EASY to modify, so i've added in support for highlighting of edoc directives & edoc macros along with highlighting of records. i'll try and get this added to the core gedit but for now here it is for anyone who's interested :) 

there's a lot more that could be added, like different highlighting for binaries, or character types like $h, $e , etc. but i'm not currently interested in highlighting those, but that may change :) 


Without the hope that things will get better, that our inheritors will know a world that is fuller and richer than our own,
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-- Delenn

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