[erlang-questions] Leex - a lexical anaylzer generator, released

zambal <>
Tue May 27 15:17:52 CEST 2008

On May 26, 5:10 pm, "Robert Virding" <> wrote:
> These are taken from Scheme R6RS and will most likely go as LFE has no use
> for them.
> #' #` #, #,@ are for use in syntax-case macros and mean:
> #'  - (syntax ...)
> #`  - (quasisyntax ...)
> #,  - (unsyntax ...)
> #,@ - (unsyntax-splicing ...)
> #; - comment out next sepxr which could actually be useful

Thanks for clearing that up. If I understand you correctly these
things provide nothing that you can't do with LFE's macro form, right?

> Also I missed #| ... |# for block comments. Might also be useful. Question
> is if block comments are token or character based?

Actually, I haven't missed them at all. The only use case for me is
when pasting some text from an external source in my code, which
doesn't happen a lot.

> Be glad I didn't adopt R6RS symbol syntax, it is complex and full of special
> cases. :-) I think having that if an (lisp) atom can be parsed as a number
> then it is a number, else it is a symbol is much easier.

My knowledge about Scheme is superficial, but I can't imagine a
situation where you'd want an atom representing a number to be parsed
to anything else than a number either.

> Glad you enjoy LFE.

Yeah, I have lot's of fun with it, especially it's macro
functionality. Speaking of which, as far as I know it's currently not
possible to export a macro in a module, so that it's usable in other
modules. Is such functionality planned for a future release of LFE, if
possible at all (or desirable, I haven't thought a lot about the


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