[erlang-questions] Hacking Mnesia for fun and profit

Joel Reymont <>
Mon May 26 15:59:55 CEST 2008

I'm hacking Mnesia again. Unlike my previous S3 backend, the goal this  
time is to be able to extend Mnesia with external modules that support  
disc_copies and ram_copies type of behavior.

I would much prefer to have a single generic extension but it's my  
guess that separate ram and disk behaviors will need to be supported.

I'm going deeper than before so here's a question for Mnesia experts:

Do I need to add extension-related code to prepare_ram_tab and  
do_change_copy in mnesia_checkpoint.erl?

Generally, I would much prefer to make existing Mnesia table types  
into disk and ram extensions but I think that's too much work for my  
budget. Plus, I think it would be much harder to convince the OTP team  
to support that change going forward :-).

	Thanks, Joel


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