[erlang-questions] rpc is bad? (was Re: facebook chat server)

Raoul Duke <>
Fri May 23 20:12:35 CEST 2008

> from it a language-independent distributed system that will avoid all
> the impedance mismatch problems and distributed computing fallacies.
> The people who push such tools and approaches ought to know better as
> well.

Steve, your experience and comments are very interesting - you are
doing us all a service with your articles, thank you :)

Presumably some people manage to mostly get away with using web
services, or WSDL (i know i've been required to set up such a system
in previous jobs) and i guess apparently don't hit some eventual "holy
cow the universe is imploding how did this ever work" kid of
enlightenment moment. Why is that, or when will it happen, or what is
the prerequisite?

I guess in other words, if I were to try to convince somebody else
that the tricks above won't really work, what sorta-concrete-ish use
cases would be good examples?

And, to tie it back to Erlang, do you think that Erlang helps in some
way? (Presumably because it doesn't give you a mode where you think
things are instantaneous+synchronous by default.)


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