[erlang-questions] distel-mode with *.beam files separate from source

Mats Cronqvist <>
Fri May 23 10:55:27 CEST 2008

Paul Fisher wrote:
> I'm having trouble using distel debugging mode (erl-toggle-interpret)
> when my src/ directory is soft-linked next to the ebin directory.  In
> other words, I have the following directory structure:
>     top/
>         bld/
>             erlang/
>                 application/
>                     ebin/
>                         *.app files
>                         *.beam files
>                     src/ -> top/project/application/
>         project/
>             application/
>                 *.app files
>                 *.erl files
> Basically, the idea is that project/* is under version control and then
> the erlang applications are built into the top/bld/erlang/ directory
> outside of version control in order to not pollute the project/*
> structure with *.beam files, as well as aid in packaging.
> Problem is that even though the erlang node has
> top/bld/erlang/application/ebin in the path, distel mode does not appear
> to try ../src/ based on the module location reported by the node.
  could be that the OTP filelib functions don't follow links.
  are you using the GNU autotools to build out-of-tree?


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