[erlang-questions] What tools do you use to develop Erlang code?

John Hughes <>
Wed May 21 09:25:32 CEST 2008

Here's a chance to tell the world which tools you like best for developing
Erlang code! I've put together a short questionnaire that asks about
editors, test tools, and version control systems. You can find it-together
with the answers so far-at 




Please take a couple of minutes to complete it-it won't take longer than
that, I promise! 


The motivation for doing this is the ProTest project
(www.protest-project.eu), which is building Erlang development tools-this
survey will tell us which tools it's most valuable to integrate with.


Thanks to all those who made useful suggestions to me over the last couple
of days. I've added many tools in response, added questions about version
control systems, and made all the tool lists extensible-so you can add your
favourite even if I didn't!


Now click the link and fill in the form..







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