[erlang-questions] rsync-like function in Erlang?

Tuncer Ayaz <>
Tue May 20 23:23:25 CEST 2008

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 10:45 PM, Johan Holmberg <> wrote:
> 2008/5/20 Juan Jose Comellas <>:
>> Have you thought about using a distributed version control system such as
>> Git for this? I have the same problem, with the added need to track the
>> history of changes of each file, and I'm planning to build an Erlang wrapper
>> over Git. This wrapper could also provide a transactional interface to the
>> filesystem, giving you the ability to rollback to a previous version of the
>> file in case of a problem.
> Interesting idea. I have thought about using Subversion (the version
> control system we normally use), but dismissed it as to complicated
> (with the need for a third machine, the Subversion-server, and with
> all the space overhead in the local .svn directories).
> Does Git work well on Windows? And can it operate in client-server
> fashion, or does it need filesystem access between the machines?

Git works on Windows but not yet quite as good as on the _you know
where it originated :D_ OS

You can host your repository on a central server and have clones
aka checkouts on the clients. You _can_ use Git in a central
repo way.

> Your kind of solution could perhaps suit me too, even if I'm not
> primarily interested in the change history.

well, having the change history doesn't hurt either :)

maybe using a central configuration management solution
like http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet might make sense.


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