[erlang-questions] zlib deflate problem

Colm Dougan <>
Mon May 19 23:00:13 CEST 2008


On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Edwin Fine
<> wrote:
> Colm,
> This works without crashing:

Thanks.  Unless I'm missing something the main functional change
between our versions is that you have used  'finish' when deflating
whileI have used 'sync'.

I'm wondering why the 'sync' version doesn't work as I was using it
deliberately.  Am I using 'sync' in an inappropriate way?   Or could
there be a bug in the C layer of the erlang zlib interface wrt to sync
in the case that the input data is a multiple of the internal buffer
size?  Again more likely it is my fault.


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