[erlang-questions] Favourite editors and test tools?

John Hughes <>
Mon May 19 10:07:14 CEST 2008

I'm planning to conduct a straw poll to find out which editors and test
tools are most widely used in the Erlang community. The motivation is the
ProTest project (http://www.protest-project.eu/), which is developing Erlang
tools-it would be useful to know which environments it's most important to
integrate with, for maximum impact.


Don't try to vote yet! I'm planning to send another mail in a couple of
days, with links to click on to vote for your favourite editor and favourite
test tool. But the question is, which editors and test tools to include?
Right now I'm planning to include




Emacs + distel




Test tools:


Common Test


If you'd like me to add another alternative to the poll, just let me know.
Rather too many than too few.



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