[erlang-questions] One sample program want to know how it works

Robert Virding <>
Mon May 19 01:01:55 CEST 2008

2008/5/18 Zvi <>:

> what's confusing here is that, as a programmer, you expect following format
> for define preprocessor directive:
> -define(NAME, VALUE).
> Note the closing parenthesis ")" before the dot "."
> For strict preprocessor implementation I would expect, this sample to fail
> on sytax error. But it's not
> So, probably the real format for deine (or attributes in general) is,
> either:
> -define(NAME, VALUE).
> OR
> -define(NAME, VALUE .

Yes I was a bit lazy when writing epp and did not handle that error case.
:-) I suppose someone really should fix it. But it makes for good obfuscated

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