[erlang-questions] size of an open file

jm <>
Thu May 15 08:55:39 CEST 2008

Bengt Kleberg wrote:
> Greetings,
> What are your requirements?
> Do you have enough time/cpu/etc to open/close the file when reading the
> tail part of it?
> bengt

This started as a programming exercise while I had nothing better to do 
waiting for a quote from a vendor. The idea was to get more experience 
with erlang by writing something which normally has side effects and to 
use some of the functions which I've not used in erlang yet.  I decided 
to try and imitate unix's "tail -F" to some extent, ie tail with follow 
file. There isn't any requirements beyond that. What I have at the 
moment reads in from a file and breaks it into lines. There are two 
version one which returns the lines and continutation info and another 
which uses lists:foreach to call a passed in function on each line.

The next step is to add the follow file functionality. Speed is not 
important. I may us it later in a program. If that happens then I'd be 
reading from multiple files similtaneously, so concurrentency may be.


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