[erlang-questions] 22 May 2008: Robert Virding on Lisp Flavoured Erlang, (Stockholm User Group Talk)

Andrew Stone <>
Tue May 13 16:51:41 CEST 2008

I'd love to see this also.

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On May 12, 2008, at 3:51 PM, Dominique de Waleffe wrote:

> Are there any chance to have access to a recording of this event?
> I think thins would be very interesting to more than 1 person.....
> Lisp syntax + concurrency + typing.... a dream language....
> D.
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> If you are interested in receiving these types of announcements,  
> please
> register with the Erlang Stockholm User Group mailing list, as we will
> soon be moving all of these announcements there to offload the Erlang
> Questions List. All you need to do is send a blank email to
>  and follow the  
> instructions or
> visit the user group page on
> http://www.erlang-consulting.com/erlang/usergroup/ 
> erlangstockholm.html .
> The second meeting of the Stockholm Erlang User Group will be hosted  
> by
> Stockholm University on Thursday the 22nd of May starting at 18.30
> (Doors open at 18.00). Robert Virding, one of the original inventors  
> of
> Erlang will present his latest open source project  Lisp Flavored  
> Erlang
> (http://forum.trapexit.org/viewtopic.php?p=43887#43887). If you are
> interested in attending this free event, you have to register. By
> registering, you will enable us to plan room size and refreshments
> accordingly, provide Security with the name list of participants,  
> and in
> those extreme cases where the number of places are limited, close
> registration as soon as we have reached the maximum room capacity or
> find a larger room (As happened last time). You can register on the
> Erlang Stockholm User Group Page here:
> http://www.erlang-consulting.com/erlang/usergroup/erlangstockholm.html
> *Abstract:*In this talk we will describe and demonstrate Lisp Flavored
> Erlang (LFE). LFE allows you to write Erlang code in a lisp syntax and
> combines the versatility and extensibility of lisp with the COP  
> power of
> Erlang. LFE is completely integrated with Erlang/OTP and code  
> written in
> LFE can freely be used together with modules written in vanilla Erlang
> and applications in Erlang/OTP. LFE is also much easier to use than
> vanilla Erlang when generating code. We will describe the system, its
> tools and its implementation, and also demonstrate some of its  
> features
> and using its programming environment.
> * Biography:*Robert Virding is one of the original developers of  
> Erlang
> at the Ericsson Computer Science Lab. While there he also did work on
> garbage collection and the implementation of high-level languages. He
> left Ericsson to found Bluetail, the first Erlang startup acquired by
> Nortel in 2000. He now works for the Swedish Defense Material
> Administration (FMV) where he is not able to use Erlang. He does,
> however, still program Erlang in his spare time and take part in the
> Erlang community.
> See you there!
> Francesco
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