[erlang-questions] Confused about the "rex" server

Alexander Lamb <>
Fri May 9 17:29:46 CEST 2008

Hello list,

I am a bit confused about references of what is called "rex server".

I wrote a module with exported functions. I need to call these  
functions from a JInterface. So as I discovered in the documentation,  
I create a node and a mailbox (I will have several mailboxes in  
separate threads).
However, what I understood from a previous reply from Raimo, is that a  
rpc is actually a message send with some particular way of giving the  
parameters. In this message send, there is a reference to "rex". What  
does that actually mean? I didn't find the documentation related to  

Now, on the receiving side, how do things happen?

Do I need to spawn a process for each call received? Or does "rex"  
handle this for me? Or would it be better to send messages instead of  
calling functions?

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