[erlang-questions] Dialyzer programmatic interface and output_plt

Tobias Lindahl <>
Tue May 6 10:35:20 CEST 2008

Eric Merritt wrote:
> Guys,
> Thanks for getting the programmatic interface to dialyzer back into a
> working state! That helps a lot. However, it seems that dialyzer no
> longer understands the output_plt option. I don't believe it was ever
> documented but it used to work, now dialyzer seems to ignore it. Is
> there some other way to get dialyzer to create a plt file using the
> erlang interface?

For me the option {output_plt, File} works. I tested it with the 
released sytem (R12B-2) and it seems to work there too. Is there a small 
test case that you can send me?

This is currently the only way of creating a plt using the erlang 
interface. I am rewriting the plt handling so this will change in the 
next release.

> On a side note. The documentation for dialyzer:run/1 is a bit
> misleading. It seems to indicate that you should pass the Msg part of
> the warning tuple to dialyzer:format_warning/1. In actuality you
> should pass the entire warning tuple. 

Yes, the documentation is wrong.

> It also documents errors as
> being strings but I don't believe that they are strings. Unless I am
> missing something they follow the same semantics as warnings.

The errors are strings, but the documentation is once again wrong. The 
return from dialyzer:run/1 should be

{ok, Warnings} | {error, Warnings, Errors}

Where Warnings are as specified in the documentation, and Errors :: 

Thanks for the reports. Both the erlang interface and the gui should be 
better tested by us, but we are using the command line interface in our 
testsuits. We should probably do something about this, but alas, 
sometimes it feels that we don't even have time for the research...


> Thanks,
>  Eric
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