[erlang-questions] io:format printing integers prefixed with zero(0)

Jilani Khaldi <>
Mon May 5 19:27:43 CEST 2008

Bob Ippolito wrote:
> I just happened to have written a string formatting library yesterday,
> modeled after Python 2.6's PEP 3101 Advanced String Formatting. it's
> in the mochiweb repository here:
> http://mochiweb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src/mochifmt.erl
28> mochifmt:test().
** exception error: undefined function mochinum:digits/1
      in function  mochifmt:format_field/3
      in call from mochifmt:format2/4
      in call from mochifmt:bformat/2
      in call from mochifmt:test_format/0
      in call from mochifmt:test/0


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