[erlang-questions] what is the correct syntax to spawm a MFA with no arguments?

Richard Carlsson <>
Fri May 2 11:07:43 CEST 2008

Hynek Vychodil wrote:
> What fool doing it?
> [...]
> *** or some other function called from its loop ***  in my question. 
> Nothing new on the world.
> [...]
> What fool adding ",ok" in this function? Just remove this stupid thing!
> [...]
> Yes of course, but tell something new for me.

It was you who asked me to clarify my previous statements, and I spend
a lot of time writing such a clarification. Is it really too much to ask
from you to be polite in return?

Your actual question was "Really? Are you sure? Well, then describe us how
long live running server turning around one loop/x function can change code
of loop when you don't export loop/x function or some other function called
from its loop. Just explain." (Also not very polite, but I still tried my
best to give you an answer.) Your question seemed strange to me, since I
have never said that you didn't need to export _any_ function for the
process. So, I tried to give a full explanation of what I meant: that there
is a difference between exporting the _starting_ point of the process, and
exporting the _upgrade_ point of the process loop, and only the latter needs
to use an exported function.


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