[erlang-questions] R12B-1 runtime-errors

Chih-Wei Yu <>
Fri May 2 10:16:54 CEST 2008


I'll migrate to R12B-2 and give it a shot.

Chih-Wei Yu

On 5/1/08, Kostis Sagonas <> wrote:
> Valentin Micic wrote:
>> The one that Chih-Wei is talking about produces a core dump with SIGBUS
>> signal as a cause. Who can assist with this, or rather, where can we mail
>> the core dump and more details about the crash?
> Before sending the core dump, you should first check one of the following:
>  - try your program with R12B-2 where the issue is most probably fixed
>  - If you have a very good reason to stick to R12B-1, you should first
>   apply the patch which was posted in the mailing list and solves a
>   similar problem as the one you reported.
> If with these the problem persists then you should minimize your program
> and post it to erlang-bugs.
> Kostis
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