[erlang-questions] Project volunteers

Joe Armstrong <>
Mon Jun 30 11:50:17 CEST 2008

Hi Guys,

I've been at the erlang exchange and come back with a headful of ideas.

I have an idea for a fun project.

Make an offline stand-alone version of the wikipedia for places
without internet access.
Distribute to the world.

I thought to use the following:

     - erlang
     - coutchDB
     - mochiWeb

Jobs to do:

    - convert wikipedia dumps (mySQL format) to coutchDB
    - make rendering engine to convert wiki text to HTML
    - compress data dumps to make entiore wikipedia as small as possible
    - shoehorn into a low-power "one laptop for every child" computer
    - make distruibution package
    - release manager (set up groups)
    - write documentation

/Joe Armstrong

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