[erlang-questions] Message Ordering and Reliability in Erlang

Fuad Tabba <>
Fri Jun 27 01:47:58 CEST 2008

I was wondering, when sending messages in Erlang, is ordering preserved?
i.e. Process A sends 1 then 2 to B; can I count on B receiving 1 before
receiving 2 (not talking about selective receive).

What about reliability? Assuming that there aren't faulty processes or
broken links (slow is ok), is it possible for some messages to be dropped by
others not? To use the same example, A send 1 then 2, is it possible for B
to only receive 2?

Does the answer to these questions apply all the time (i.e. processes on the
same core, on different cores/processors, on completely different computers)

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