[erlang-questions] erlang odbc always driver me crazy "freebsd 7"

wenew zhang <>
Wed Jun 25 18:42:52 CEST 2008

i always use odbc connect to mysql,
today i update otp-R12B-2 to otp-R12B-3,my odbc configure fine,
i use iodbctest to select data from mysql successful,
 when i start erl shell, run odbc:start(),it's works better,
and then  i run odbc:connect() get message:
Odbc connection failed in authserver init

i 100% confirm the password,user name are correct,because it's the same as
my ubuntu laptop,

i got this error message on ubuntu ever,  when i delete the line
"" on /etc/hosts file
(that mean ping localhost fail)
cause odbc connect  failed, but on freebsd, ping localhost *normal* ,

i don't know how to fix this problem,or how can i debug the odbc and got
more message?

tks a lot

wenew zhang
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